day 2

day 2 of no-sugar/flour.  not doing too bad.  i don’t get paid until tomorrow so i’m trying to be creative with the few “healthy” ingredients i have in stock.  last night i had refried beans with diced tomatoes on top, which is actually really good, despite how plain it sounds. 

life seems hopeful today.  it’s nice to feel that way unprovoked.  what i mean is simply that life doesn’t look any different today than it did yesterday, but i’m more excited about it.  a girlfriend and i spent time in prayer last night, just thanking God for His good gifts, and i think that really helped to focus me on seeing things going on in my life as a blessing, not a burden.

on a different note, i will be writing support letters for training school in the next week.  we will likely be going to Toronto mid-August….eeee!  excited for this next adventure!

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