no sugar here

day 1 back on a sugar/white flour free diet.  as money gets tighter and tighter, this is becomes a tricky situation, as processed “food” tends to be much cheaper than the food/fuel that is actually good for the human body. 

i am a firm believer, however, that money should not be the only concern when buying food.  as with many others, i was taught growing up that my priority when grocery shopping was to price compare, and always go for the cheapest items.  if i still bought into that lie, i would be where most Americans are now–overweight, unhappy, on their way to or currently dealing with diabetes.

besides all the things any article on the subject will tell you, i simply notice an incredible difference when my diet is free of these things.  first of all, my weight normalizes and i don’t feel uncomfortable about the pockets of fat that build up around my mid-section.  i am better able to focus, feel less sluggish or tired.  and my mood is more stable.  overall, i feel my body returning to a “normal” state of being.

to any beginner interested in going this route, i would say begin by adding “clean” foods to your diet; don’t focus so much on taking out yet.  “clean” simply means it’s natural (as opposed to processed)–raw fruits, vegetables, lean meats–and has been grown in the absence of pesticides, hormones, or other injections.  locally grown organic is the best route to go.  as you continue adding, you will naturally begin to cut out other things. 

in this process, begin watching labels.  you will begin to see that “high fructose corn syrup” is in many, many processed foods, even ketchup!  this is a cheap sugar substitute that metabolizes as sugar in the body.  white flour also does the same thing.  you should begin to avoid these things in your everyday diet.

so, what does a “sugar-free” day look like for me?
breakfast:  2 eggs, cooked however, coupled with fruit
snack: mix of sunflower seeds, almonds and raisins, possibly a larabar
lunch: lean lunch meat/lettuce/hummus wrap, carrots and humus, fruit
dinner: a lean meat or salad option, veggies and hummus dip, more fruit with almond butter

see a pattern?  🙂  hummus and almond butter have been life-savers at times, especially when i didn’t “feel” like eating veggies.  i could just dip them in hummus!  and almond butter goes great with fruit, or even by itself.

the first time i went through this, i went through a sort of detox.  i had a major migraine and a couple other headaches, but after about 2 weeks, i didn’t crave sugar any longer and could look at cookies without desperately pining for one.  so just hang on, if this is where you are.  it will get better!

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