i love the day after a life-changing event.  i remember how i couldn’t sleep past 6:30 the morning after i ran the hardest half-marathon of my life.  i was awake, energetic, and took off for Starbucks to spend the morning.  this morning, in the wake of Ashleigh’s marathon wedding day, i am laying luxuriantly long in my bed, indulging in beautiful writing.  nothing is pressing in for my attention.  all the cares and worries that normal motivate me to “get moving” in the morning even come to mind right now, and i can just be.

it’s almost as though, feeling yourself pressed to those limits, and knowing now you can come through on the other side, the world seems different.  more hopeful, somehow.  with greater potential.

with all the emotions surging through my brain over the last several weeks, i wasn’t sure how to feel.  how to even approach this wedding.  i was stuck in the past, with mourning my uncle, while trying to process all that was happening in the present, as well as prepare for the future–work, training school, moving.  i couldn’t handle it all.  so i just hung on and tried to ride out the wave.

looking back over the weekend after good rest i am able to see how very sweet it all was.  and now, with the weight of that responsibility gone, i feel free to move forward.  to pack my room and prepare for the next phase of my journey.  the sun seems brighter for some reason….


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