a review of 26

no, not the new hit series where Jack Bauer creates 2 extra hours in the day so as to prolong the show’s season….

i am, in fact, talking about my 26th year of life, and all the adventures and lessons contained therein.  as today is my 27th birthday, i find this a good time to reflect on the past year.

i spent the summer living with my dad and stepmom and it turned out to be just the thing i needed.  i had to drive nearly 45 minutes for work, but i was also able to rest, relax, and get to know my stepmom better.  it was just what i needed after a weary and exhausting winter. 

i moved in with my roommate at the end of July, but was rarely home. after working so hard over the winter to get into grad school, i decided just a few weeks later to not go.  financially, it would have added a greater amount of burden to my debt and i just sensed that i should let go of it.

the fall was filled with a great deal of relationship turmoil, as a boyfriend and i struggled through poor decisions and wrestled with the idea of even being together.  finally, at the end of October, we broke up.  i knew this was God’s best and trusted His plan, but i was still wrought with pain and disappointment at my loss.

the holidays came and couldn’t go fast enough.  i went to Cali for Thanksgiving to help my mom pack, where i got my beloved MacBook.  i said good-bye to Cali by eating lots of In-N-Out Burger and shopping. 

as is the case sense my parents split, Christmas seemed exceptionally painful and lonely, filled with divided time and energy amongst all the facets of the family.

New Year’s eve was celebrated with my roommate, and the most amazing courses of fondue.  on New Year’s day, my running partner and I ran a 5k in 10 degree weather, and began to plan other running events for the year.

the rest of the winter seemed to drag on, but God was faithful.  He called me to fast on multiple occasions, and in each one i was made aware of what exactly i was being healed from.  during one fast, i felt called pray for the forgiveness of family members gone before me and the decisions they made that have bitterly affected our family today.  during another, i knew i was fasting for my future.

the winter dragged on, as i continued to be healed more and more from the break-up.  i began meeting with two girlfriends to pray and this has proved to be one of the most fruitful things.

Easter is always one of my favorite times, but was especially important this year.  weeks before i began to really realize the beauty of Easter, of the hopelessness followers felt when Jesus was killed, but then the tremendous hope He brought with His resurrection.

Easter was also the day God chose to bring Kyle into my life, especially fitting with the themes of redemtion and resurrection i sensed going on in my life.  he has been such a blessing to me!

in May, i ran two 1/2 marathons.  the first was with my dear friend Mindy, and it was the Indy Mini-Marathon.  we ran a good race, and i felt so accomplished.  having finished so well, i had no doubt i would do just as good, if not better, the second time around.  just two weeks later, i set out with my roommate and other dear friend, Kelley, to run the Geist half.

i finished, but only by the skin of my teeth and the grace of God.  still it was a good lesson to learn, a humbling experience that God used to open my eyes to my humanness and limitations.  it was not a complete loss as i learned that i cannot endure two races so close together.

and that brings us to the present, to my 27th birthday.  the year ahead seems so promising.  ambiguous but full of living.  i have no idea where i will be living in two months, but i hope to be involved with the Training School through my church, which will go through next May.  i also look forward to more life shared with this crazy guy who, for some strange reason, adores me (despite my obsession with talking and being the center of attention, and my puffy, poison-ivied eyes).  to time with dear friends–both new and old–and my sweet sister, who grows more and more important to me.

Year 27 will be full, for sure!  for God is good, and His faithfulness is proved over and over to me.

2 thoughts on “a review of 26

  1. sister! i love you! happy birthday! i love reading these little things from you!:) thank you for making me smile on your birthday!

  2. Christie, I have known you for some time and have watched you grow from a little girl into a beautiful young lady. God has blessed you and will continue to bless you!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!

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