i dream….

in this new space that God is creating for me, i feel completely free, even compelled, to dream big.  in that vein, here are the things i’m dreaming for:

1. studio space.  a completely organized chaos where i can spread out my mess, and not have to shove it under the couch ever night, or watch as my roommate trips over my work. 

2. community living.  shared spaces, both big and small, that foster nitty-gritty relationships.  complete with game nights and dinners and tension.  everything beautiful about the church on display.

3. planting.  right now my garden is at my mom’s, hopefully growing.  i haven’t been to visit it in 3 weeks because of time constraints. 

4. simple living again, where “my” things are no longer mine alone, but open for sharing.  where possessions don’t steal the joy i possess when in deep relationship with both God and humanity.

5. space to read and journal and write again. 

6. light streaming in big windows, sitting in comfy chairs, laughter and love.

i am starting to feel alive again, which is evident in the sheer ability to dream again.  so thankful in this moment for a God who brings the dead to life.

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