after the storm

i love the world after it storms, the clouds as they lighten and break and open to the crisp blue sky.  something about it reminds me of flying, how the clouds look when you finally part ways with the earth.  they are different without the distraction of sidewalks and pavement and broken, rotting buildings that only seem to focus you on the here and now.  they keep you from dreaming, from seeing that the sky really can look like that.  perfect.  and you…you really can fly.

there is something humbling in it all as well.  something powerful beyond myself, to be at the wrath of a storm.  to be vulnerable to it.  it reminds of God, of the hymn that simply states, “You give and take away.  Blessed be your name.”  no matter what may come, what storm may rain down, my God gives and He takes away.  The storm rages and then it stops.  Blessed be His name.


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