scenes from the city

i recently joined a “picture swap,” which i thought be a fun and easy one to complete.  basically, my partner and i take pictures from the area we live in, craft a little frame, the swap.  my partner is a smart one, and went on the Indianapolis website to request specific pictures.

initially, i felt constrained by this request and fluttered around for a bit, not wanting to even attempt this project.  then my sis and i finally set an evening and headed downtown for, what i like to call, “renegade photography.”  the concept is simple: get the picture you want, of the image you want, at whatever cost.  including cutting across three lanes of traffic and throwing the flashers on whenever necessary.

here are just a few of the shots i was fortunate to capture.  i’m quite the little photographer!  🙂

couple walking on the Monon

church downtown

the hum of city life in front of the capitol building

this was the old ballpark, now being used as a lot for old cars

the dichotomy of moving forward with the past in clear focus

*the last one was from my time in AZ.  hence why you see cacti…totally NOT a product of Indiana.  but my partner likes deserts, so i sent her a few of my time there.

just a taste!  i actually have 51 waiting to be printed and sent.

life is crazy busy at the moment.  i am signed up for 4 craft swaps, mostly because they seemed so cool i couldn’t say no.  i will likely be spending a lot of my weekend finishing them up so i can sign up for more.  ha!  i may be crazy.

my good friend, Mindy, is flying here a week from today, then we will be sweating out 13.1 miles together during the Indy Mini Marathon.  my first of two this month.  again…crazy.  pretty much, if you googled the words “overcommitted,” “busy,” or even “compulsive psychotic planner,” you’d see my lovely little face.

i’m looking forward to this weekend, tho, for many reasons.  the most important being that i will be making Sunday lunch/dinner for my dad and stepmom, and Kyle will be joining.  it’s not unusual that he would be joining me with my family (that’s pretty much how we met!), but this is my dad.  and that’s kindof a big deal.  he’s amazing, tho…no doubt in my mind he’ll impress the socks off them.

ok, must get back to work.  the time keeps ticking away from me…

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