looking for inspiration?

a friend recently posted the top 10 things bringing her inspiration, so i thought i would share mine.  i was actually afraid i wouldn’t hit 10, but as i began, i realized it would actually be really hard to narrow it down to only 10.  i guess thankfulness begets thankfulness.  without further adeu…

1. running with my roommate.  we have a rhythm down and, while i’m totally ready to be done training, i love the bonding time.

2. my starter plants that had a rocky beginning and several have passed away.  but the survivors are all the more beautiful.

3. my burgeoning garden at my mom’s.  gardening has become a great topic of conversation with me amd my parents, and i enjoy sharing that love.

4. taking renegade photos with my sister.  this includes cutting across lanes of traffic and abusing the flashers just to get the right shot.

5. spending time with a young man named Kyle, who is a great listener and sincere heart.

6. GLEE!  i really love the musical performances.

7. hot cups of coffee paired with cool, crisp mornings in solitude.

8. time with my Father, and the beautiful truths He reveals.  even if i’m sick of fasting and change is hard.

9. meeting with my prayer girls.  they know me well enough to dig past the surface and till up the soil of my heart, then submit all they’ve found in prayer.  it’s an amazing process.

10. creating.  in all ways, shapes, and forms.  and stressing out about crafts i’ve promised to others.  deep down i love the push to create even when i don’t “have time.”


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