just like Peter…

during a sermon a couple weeks ago, my pastor introduced us to Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples, by describing him as always “over-promising and under-delivering.”  something about this resonated with me, especially as he continued by mapping Peter’s journey with Jesus, the extravagant promise he made to follow his Lord to the death, then blatantly denied Him three times.

my own shortcomings quickly rose to the surface, and i recalled situation after situation where i had promised to or committed to do something then either didn’t do it, or wore myself thin just hours before, producing a less-than-best product.  all that paled in comparison to the promises i’ve made to my Lord and never delivered.  i even caught myself the other day promising to never leave Him (sound familiar??)…i laughed at the parallel, then retracted my statement and asked to strengthen me to never turn from His will for me.

as discouraging as it is to know I’m a “Peter,” it is equally encouraging to hear Jesus’s words to this beloved disciple, originally named Simon.

“You are Peter, a rock.  This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.” (Matthew 16:18).  Jesus knew Peter would deny Him in His greatest hour of need, yet He still promises that the coming church will be built on Peter.  there is great hope in this, that no matter the destructive flaw, God has a plan to use us in the building of His kingdom.

He truly is the great redeemer.


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