fresh wind…

i am sitting here, with the patio door open, wind blowing through our humble apartment.  my dad just left because, as is always the case, we have talked way beyond our bed times.  but it was is so healing, to speak freely though not harshly, honestly but full of love.

this week is full of what i can only describe as a fresh wind.  the air is warm and sun shining.  the days are long and full of newness.  i am hopeful, to the point of being overwhelmed.  this God of mine is good beyond my comprehension.

on a different note, i weighed myself on a whim this morning.  i’ve lost 12 pounds since i began making a conscious effort to not eat white flour or sugar.  i couldn’t believe my eyes!  it really does make a difference.

i honestly don’t know how i feel about this blogging thing…i used to write all the time, and felt comfortable doing so.  but this…this feels forced as i struggle to find the balance between sharing too much and borderline shallowness.  i guess my real struggle is whether or not i want to find that balance.

only time will tell.

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