i’ve just finished watching Julie & Julia with my sister.  and Alexi Murdoch is playing on my iTunes.  despite being completely exhausted, i feel a fresh wind of inspiration.

our seeds came for the beast of a garden we’ll be planting shortly.  partly for fun, and partly because it makes me feel i’m moving closer to my dream, i’ve named our gardening project big blue marble farm.  “big blue marble” came when i looked up “earth” in the thesaurus.  since i want the garden to be earth centered,  i found this to be quite fitting.

our seeds are strictly heirloom, and i am preaching the dangers of GMO to anyone who will listen (and some who won’t.  and some who will only do so grudgingly.

i did have a small victory though.  my dad, who i’ve been discussing this with, felt a need to visit a local farm/dairy, where he proceeded to buy local fruits, veggies, milk and steaks.  he told me he’s excited to begin transitioning their grocery monies to this farm.  this was music to my ears, and i felt encouraged that i had a part to play in the changing of his mind.  yay for local eating!!


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