this ends day two with the absence of sugar products. i actually feel energetic and clear-headed, not sluggish and cloudy.

my health is a big part of the concern surrounding my desire to give up sugar and refined flours. another equally big part is the process of obtaining these materials–where/how they are grown and how we get them.
after a great conversation with two friends today regarding GMO seeds, i decided to host a “locals only” dinner to discuss eating locally. the night will feature a meal made only from locally grown foods and a movie or discussion related to the food industry. i want participants to have solutions, not just a barrage of problems to process through, so they will get lists of resources and suggestions for making changes. i also hope to maybe give away little container plants or something fun that can be grown anywhere.
i just got done combing the heirloom seed catalog, and grew very excited about one selection in particular. it is for a tomato called the “old italian.” the narrative reads:
this heirloom was collected by a soldier who was stationed in Italy in World War II.
how amazing, to be growing, eating, and sharing such a crazy part of history.

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