Craft Swap!

i am finally able to post these, since my partner has received them (i didn’t want to ruin the surprise!). the concept of a craft swap is simple: sign up for one, get a partner, get all their info (interests, fav colors, etc) and make them some things. this swap was centered around frugal living, so i made a lunch bag, make-up organizer, and book full of homemade recipes. here they are!

on a different note, i had previously written that i was committing this year to not spending any money on clothing processed in the traditional sense (ie. using sweatshop labor). i had really hoped to learn how to make my own clothing, but i must admit that i do not have the time nor energy to do this.
which leads to the community aspect of sustainable living. to be so independent in every aspect is actually detrimental; we cannot live lightly on this earth without the help of one another. so i’ve conceded, but am still committed to buying used clothing (preferably from local stores) or organic/freetrade clothing. it’s crazy expensive, but this is the only way to ensure that sweatshop labor is not involved. that being said, any suggestions??
also, at the prompting and encouragement of my roommate, i am trying to detoxify my life through the products i use (toothpaste, makeup, etc.). there are many reasons for this, but the primary being that most products contain preservatives and other ingredients known to cause cancer (petroleum, etc). their production is also very hard on the environment. bad all around.
i have converted to Tom’s toothpaste, and won’t go back. also trying a more natural shampoo. the latest trial is natural deoderent. Megan has tried one from Kiss My Face, and it’s effective for me. though i must say that it is a bit odd getting used to the “sticky” feeling that comes from not using an antipersperant. i constantly feel dirty. i have recently gotten one that is simply made of mineral salts, but i need to research the ingredients more. will keep you updated on the process.

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