my girlfriends and i went to see Valentine’s Day last night, a typical chick flick centering on Valentine’s Day and (supposedly) the idea of love.

perhaps it’s because i’m getting older, or something, but the movie was disappointing. deep down i just want a genuine story. a love story that’s not shallow or silly, or doesn’t end in a suprised audience finding out that one or more characters is cheating, gay or non-committal (ie. extremely selfish despite the amazing person who wants to be with them). i just want genuine. shame on me for expecting that out of Hollywood.
but then i watched Julie & Julia, and totally fell in love with the story of two women with parallel lives from separated by a span of 50 years. Julia Child is just so precious, and i found everything genuine about life in her. she was not your ordinary housewife of the 50’s, and refused to be. she was bubbly and bright, and made those around her happy. how could you not adore her? how could not want to aspire to live like her? bold. strong. free.
today, i’ve committed myself to breakfast with a friend and then a road trip to Columbus to pick up another. i’ve debated trying to make it back to church, but i’m trying to think outside the box a bit, and am slowly settling on this being a day for road-tripping with God. all my best prayer times have been while driving. so perhaps that’s what i’ll do….
here’s to Valentine’s day.

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