adoring God in the meantime

i heard this quote from the worship leader this morning. he explained how we often get distracted/consumed with the object we are praying and waiting for, when we could really be focusing on “adoring God in the meantime.” such a beautiful concept. in a world so focused on doing, our Father invites us into a period of being. and not just being, but being with Him! i find this both overwhelming and comforting at the same time.

the New Year has begun without much
hoorah in my own life, except a bitterly cold 5K on New Year’s Day. In case
you can’t read that, it says 7 degrees. BRRR! A good group of us will be training for a half-marathon in May.

just got my partner for the craft swap mentioned earlier, and so am d
ebating some ideas for her. i would love to
design a make-up bag,
as she said she is looking for bags of all kinds. it’s a frugal-living swap so everything is made from items you already have to help facilitate easier frugal living for your partner. so fun!
here are some items that were Christmas gifts. the quilt was for my beautiful 4-mo-old nephew, the art portfolio for my sister, Lauryn 2, and the bag for my cousin Esther. the bag, if you can’t tell, was made from an old pair of corduray pants that had a hole in them. so fun to design and create all those things!! soon, i will be creating a t-shirt quilt that i auctioned to help my old church, The Mercy House, in Anderson.

oh, and got a crap-ton of fabric using great resource if, like me, you’re looking to repurpose items and/or avoid supporting the sweatshop industry. 🙂

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