craft-swap, here i come!

so, i just signed up for my first craft-swap here.
once you sign up, begin posting. you have to be a member for one month and have posted at least 15 times. from my understanding, it can be any kind of post, including replies to other posts. my screenname is christie.mcnabb if you sign up and want to be craft friends. 🙂

i am slightly nervous, because there is a deadline and a date you have to mail items by, but i’m also super-excited because it’s a frugal-living swap, where you create your items from what you already have, based on the interests of your swapping partner. it will be a challenge for sure!

my roommate and i are tossing around the idea of planting a large (LARGE!) garden at her grandma’s farm in Ohio, then traveling there every other weekend to work with her. the garden would provide enough to feed us, as well as enough to can for the winter. plus, it would mean some serious farm time this spring/summer/fall. that would be beautiful.

i am working on some projects i’ll provide pics of soon.


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