New beginnings

I created this blog to document and track some new habits I’m hoping to establish in the New Year. The first and foremost being my goal to not spend any money on new clothing.

I’ve been convicted lately about our current clothing industry’s dependence on sweatshops, which has broken my heart. I read recently that we should not support anything that is oppressive to others, and immediately I thought about the very shirt on my body. It will be a rough transition, but I hope to eventually make my own clothing! 🙂

The two main ways to accomplish this goal:
1. Make my own clothes! This will be hard, especially as I struggle to find fair-trade fabrics (most fabrics in fabric stores also made in sweatshops). Simple shirts and skirts may be my staple for awhile!
2. Buy used/accept hand-me-downs! I figure I can use this for the harder-to-make items: jeans, shoes, etc.

I will be sharing websites, pictures, etc. along my journey.

This blog will also contain, well, pretty much whatever I want! 🙂 I will be operating my salad table again starting in the early spring and hope to maybe have a compost starting at my mom’s house.

I look forward to 2010 being a year of simplicity, transitioning away from the extreme dependence on artificially produced things in my life and moving toward a more homespun, handmade existence. Thank you for joining me on the journey!

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